Food Nutrition: We Are What We Eat?

The world of food nutrition and dietary science is one that is full of contradiction and misinformation. Here is a guideline we work with to help our patients make better food choices. It can be daunting at first when we first begin questioning our modern food culture.

Respiratory Complaints

Osteopathy focuses on treating patients through a unique philosophy of understanding what makes people unwell. It places a strong emphasis on the interconnectedness of the various systems of our body and how this determines our health. Health is not static but is a minute to minute, day to day dynamic expression of a well functioning […]

Breast Feed to Better Health

If you think that breast feeding your baby is good for you and your baby, you are not wrong. You bond with your baby; feeding helps you lose weight and gives protection to the baby from many diseases like allergies, gastrointestinal complaints; it also contributes to better neurological development. Feeding your baby is helpful to […]

You & Your Child's Health

It’s not easy being a mother running around looking after everybody and keeping everyone happy and healthy. On our Open day, we have a few workshops that we think can be useful for you to help looking after yourself and those who are in your care.

Back to School: School Bag Tips

  [starbox id=jane] The new school year is all of a sudden upon us and with it comes the inevitable packing of even more books into your child’s backpack. As they get older the textbooks get fatter and it is important to ensure that they have an appropriate bag for their needs. Poorly fitted or […]

Concussions in Child Athletes should be given adequate time to heal

Concussion in sports and traumatic injuries to the head can have serious repercussions on your child’s brain function and development if the injured brain tissues are not given adequate time to heal before return to play. A concussion is a brain injury and it is also important to note that it can occur without losing consciousness. A concussion may […]

Osteopathy 4 Kids: Growing Pains, Ergonomics and Stretching Workshop

Open Day Workshop 25 April 2015 Click Here to RSVP With 3 kids herself, Elaine knows full well the pressure of bringing up children in Hong Kong. Not only are the children scheduled to the max with all sorts of activities but as they get older, the amount they have to carry around in their school […]