Pilates Hong Kong

Pilates is a method of body conditioning that focuses on training the small deep postural and core muscles of the body using a mixture of stretches, relaxation and strengthening exercises.

The principles of Pilates method emphasise on proper controlled execution of movements through mental concentration, proper breathing and body centreing techniques.

Your instructor may prescribe a combination of mat and machine based exercises depending on your condition.

Pilates is a gentle, low impact form of exercise that is suitable for most people, regardless of age, body shape and even in pregnancy. Especially beneficial for anyone recovering from musculoskeletal injuries.

The Benefit of Pilates

Pilates not only helps activate the smaller under-used postural and core muscles but also builds flexibility, endurance and co-ordination.

These are important attributes for efficient locomotion, postural alignment and health. However, they are often interrupted by illness, injuries and poor posture.

Pilates ensures timely recovery from injuries by enhancing the neurological pathways of the body through the slow, controlled, precisely executed movement routines.

The focus on deep breathing will ensure the body is relaxed and well nourished with oxygen and the expulsion of contaminants from our lungs.


The success of our personalised Clinical Pilates programs at City Osteopathy is our primary focus on injury rehabilitation. By working as a team between your therapist and Pilates Instructor, we are able to assess and tailor make a rehabilitation program best suited for your condition.


Pilates Instructor


Alison is a Pilates instructor who possesses an unwavering dedication towards her profession. Her genuine passion for this form of exercise is reflected in her commitment to provide maximum benefits to her clients.


By Appointment Only. An appointment can be made using the link below, calling us or by text on WhatsApp.