You & Your Child's Health

Photo by andcombust, Creative Commons.
It’s not easy being a mother running around looking after everybody and keeping everyone happy and healthy. On our Open day, we have a few workshops that we think can be useful for you to help looking after yourself and those who are in your care.

With the common colds, coughs and flus, head and neck infections, there is a simple technique that you can perform at home as parents to help with your child’s recovery. It works with the lymphatic system (the body’s own policing system for infections which is an important component of our immune system.

Another common issue we are seeing in children is the increasing number of postural strains in neck and shoulders. There is no doubt a correlation with our increasing use of iProducts and sitting based activities. Our Osteopath Elaine who is a mother of 3 herself, will be sharing with you her experience dealing with postural issues in her children and her patients. She will also talk about ergonomics, growing pains and exercises you can do with your children.

One aspect of women’s health that is often overlooked is the health of the breast tissue. Akin to all living tissue of our body, it requires a certain amount of mobility and flexibility for it to function optimally. With our long hours of sitting and emotional stresses, we end up with overly contracted tight chest, head and neck muscles. Overtime these will impact adversely the physiology and health of the head, neck and chest. Postural strains aside, it may negatively impact on the physiology of the breast tissue – its ability to regulate its own tissue health (especially with the lymphatic system) and its milk producing property.

Marcia, our massage therapist will discuss her experience working with breast tissue in nursing mothers, women have had growths in their breasts and post surgical cases. Also, things that you can do at home to ensure the healthy function of your breasts.

If you or your friends are interested in coming on Saturday 25 April to attend these workshops, please call or register here.

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