What does being healthy mean to you?

Do you command yourself to breath 15-20 times a minute?
Do you command you skin to repair when it is cut?
Do you action your stomach to churn your food?
Do you ask your intestines to absorb nutrients?
Do you ask your immune system to make antibodies?

The human body is a complex organism yet its needs are simple.

It is an efficient well designed engine of life which requires very little tinkering on our part majority of the time.

It has the ability to self regulate, maintain and repair itself. As long as we provide it with a variety of nourishment, a reasonable amount of rest and amusement. Our modern lifestyle takes our body into extremes: long stressful work hours, nutrition-less or over rich foods, too little or too much exercise, sleep deprivation and emotional turmoil. All these factors have a deleterious effect on the overall body function and its ability to self regulate. After all, this is the key question, “does our body have the ability to adapt to ‘stresses’ from our environment?”.

Stresses mentioned here refer to any external or internal stimuli which your body may be exposed to, from temperature changes, noise, perceived threats, work deadlines, traumatic experiences, emotions to an overcommitted schedule.

The word ‘healthy’ itself means different things for different people. Being ‘healthy’ means bringing awareness on how one looks after oneself, being mindful of how one lives, thinks, cares for oneself and makes active conscientious decisions to reduce the unnecessary strains (stresses) to this machinery of ours. It doesn’t necessarily mean loading ourselves up with nutritional supplements, organic foods and banishing ourselves from cities. It is about checking in with oneself and ask: “Would I be happy for my child to live the same schedule and lifestyle?”.

Be active. Rest well. Eat well. Play well. Think well.