A 3 minute sophrology exercise to restore your energy


How about more concentration? More clarity? An increased work speed? Less tiredness? Enjoy a happier day?

A very powerful way of achieving all mentioned above is to simply pause, experience it, and see the results for yourself.

Here is a 3 step Sophrology exercise to help you pause and reconnect so you can get back into your life recharged and revitalized. It takes just 3 minutes, you can do it anywhere: in a taxi, on a bus, at your desk, while queuing, sitting or standing. Take advantage of those little moments. Find your own way, on your own time.

Your 3 Step Sophrology Exercise (3 minutes)


  1. Breathe

    Settle down into a comfortable position, whether sitting or standing, and take a couple of nice deep breaths. Breathing in through the nose & slowly out through the mouth.

  2. Release 4 key areas of modern life tensions

    • Forehead: Relax your forehead and release the strain from heavy concentration and worries.
    • Jaw: Loosen your jaw; open your mouth just a little.
    • Shoulders: Relax your shoulders, let them drop and hang loose. Let them feel heavy, as if they are pulled by gravity.
    • Belly: Loosen your abdomen, maybe by taking deep abdominal breaths. Often our negative emotions are held on in our tummy.
  3. Draw on a Happy Memory!

    Think of something that makes you feel happy. It could be a place you like, an activity you love doing, a moment of the day you cherish, a memory of your last holiday… whatever suits you today. Don’t think about it, but try to experience it as if it was really here, as if you were living it right now. Go into details: sounds, colors, lights, time of the day, etc.

Your brain does not clearly make the distinction between what is real and what is imagined with details. So take advantage of that, let it send out signals through your whole body that all is fine, that you are experiencing an extremely pleasant moment, that you can relax your mind and body.

Then, come back gently to here and now, to your life, your occupations with a wider, brighter perspective.

So how does it feel having taken a few minutes out of the day? Before you jump back into your day, just take a few moments to really sit back and appreciate how good it feels to connect to your inner resources.

What is Sophrology?

Sophrology is a well-established approach in continental Europe where it originated. It is a discipline designed to train your mind to live a healthier, happier, more enjoyable life. Through simple exercises, you learn how to take responsibility for your own life and health, become more conscious while experiencing wellbeing.


About Céline Pellarin – Sophrologist.

Céline is a registered Sophrologist from France. She enjoys helping people discover simple and efficient tools that empower them to live a lighter yet deeper and more enjoyable life.

Celine conducts sessions for individuals and groups.