Registered Osteopath (Australia & United Kingdom)
Grad Dip in Paediatric Osteopathy
B. App Sc (Clin Sc). B. Ost Sc

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“Life is in motion and health is an expression of motion.”

Recognising the  insufficiency of standard Osteopathy education in paediatric care, Ben pursued a 2-year postgraduate qualification in Paediatric Osteopathy—a gold standard in caring for infants and children in Osteopathy – from the  renowned Osteopathic Centre for Children (OCC) in London, UK. This intensive program included rigorous studies in pregnancy, obstetrics,  neonatology, and advanced neonatology, with observations in the Neonatal  Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and Starlight neonatal unit at Barnet Hospital.
Ben’s  journey began with a comprehensive 5-year double Bachelor degree in Clinical Science and Osteopathic Medical Science, laying the foundation  for his later specialisation. This dedication to learning extended  further, encompassing a total of 7 years to become designated by the professional body, Osteopathy Australia as an Advanced Paediatric  Osteopath (APO). This recognition reflects his commitment to advancing  his knowledge base in the domain of paediatrics, going beyond standard education.
During the clinical practicum at the OCC, Ben collaborated with a team of eminent Consultant Paediatric Osteopaths, treating both pre- and postpartum mothers, as well as a  varied profile of paediatric patients, ranging from neurotypical to neurodivergent. The program equipped him with an in-depth understanding of pregnancy, the birthing process, the growth and development of infants and children, their challenges, and the crucial  role Osteopathy plays in supporting their health and neuro-musculoskeletal development.
His extensive background includes over 20 years of work experience in primary health care, solidifying his expertise and proficiency in health and fitness. The principles of Osteopathy consider a person’s health within its living context: encompassing lifestyle factors, nutrition, psychosocial state, and body function. Osteopathy made sense to him as it provides a  natural system for supporting optimal function through manual therapy.  At the core of the Osteopathic paradigm lies a fundamental question: If  our body inherently leans towards health, why do individuals become  unwell within their own living context?
With  qualifications in Sports Science, Paediatric Osteopathy, Functional Medicine and Mindfulness Teacher Training, Ben dedicates his days to  helping clients find answers to this question and how they can improve  their well-being. Whether engaged in continual learning or enjoying  outdoor activities under the sun, he remains devoted to his mission.