Yoga is a system that engages the mind, body and spirit in equal measure. While there are many styles of yoga, here at City Osteopathy we are focused on equipping you with body-sensitive and age-appropriate practices that can be incorporated into daily life. Your osteopath and yoga instructor will work together as a team and tailor a programme best suited to you.

The classes typically consist of breathing exercises, meditation, and yoga postures that stretch and strengthen different muscle groups. Regular skillful practice of all three parts of this structure relaxes the mind, relieves chronic stress patterns, and can help correct common postural misalignments.

Who is this for?

Ideal for beginners looking for an entry point into yoga. Or for those who would simply like to learn how to practice it safely and mindfully.

Knowledge workers with a primarily sedentary lifestyle who need to retrain their muscles and postural habits, and learn ways to de-stress.

Sports enthusiasts and athletes looking for a gentler, more holistic ‘workout’ to achieve greater flexibility and balance.

Private CLASS

Tailored to your body’s condition, this class can be a combination of strengthening exercises and breathing techniques to give you an energy boost. The time can also be spent workshopping a balanced routine for you to practice at home. Ideal for beginners.